Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sent by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Just finished Sent today and I loved it. The sequel to Found in the new series The Missing is every bit as good as I had hoped it would be. Now you know I don't believe in spoilers (read the book yourself, I say!) but I will tell you that even if you haven't read Found you will enjoy it--maybe a bit less than if you read the first one, but enjoy it, nonetheless.

Jonah and Katherine are siblings in today's world. When last we saw them, they had just discovered that Jonah (and several other kids) were actually children that had been abducted from other times and places and placed in this century. In Sent, they, along with their new friends Chip and Alex, go back in time to the 1400's a time where being a royal was dangerous to one's health as people double crossed even (or especially!) family members in order to seek more power and wealth.
OOH, dontcha just love it! Well, what are you waiting for? Go to your library and get it. Pop the popcorn. Pour the cherry coke. And get ready for a lovely adventure.

Books, babies, and blogging...

Ah, a new school year. It is always a bit exciting to have a fresh start...a new beginning. Maybe this will be the year that I'll finally get my office totally organized, or maybe my non-fiction will get completely and totally get the picture, and its all about the possibilities. Exciting, isn't it? Thank goodness I work in an enviroment that has fresh starts....can't imagine life without that night-before-the first-day anticipation. If I had to face life in a cube everyday, I'm not so sure I could be so chipper.

This summer was crazy-busy, but woot! woot! grad school is now done (masters in instructional technology, thank you very much!) and I can resume the business of reading for pleasure....and boy, has it resumed! I've got mounds of books to tell you about and stacks of plans for great events for this schoolyear. So, welcome back to a new school year filled with endless possibilities and welcome back to my blog. I hope you'll choose to check back in often to check it out (lordy, but I sound like I'm on Sonny w/ a Chance now, don't I? Did I mention I have a 7 year old, too?) By the way, speaking of new beginnings...that's my cutie cute baby Olivia in the pic.