Sunday, November 22, 2009

the 2010 Lone Star List

The Lone Star Committee met last weekend in Austin, Texas to choose our 20 picks for pleasure reading for the middle schoolers of the great state of Texas.  This is not to say older kids won't enjoy these picks, as well...and in a few cases, some younger ones, too. 

We discussed the numerous nominations for HOURS (no worries...the chocolate and caffeine were abundant, ensuring the "discussions" didn't get too out of hand!) and ended up with our final list a mere 7 hours or so later.  In case you haven't seen the list yet, you can check it out here.  I'm going to make it a priority to discuss these books on this blog rather quickly. 

Whether you live in the Lone Star state, or not, this is a great list for PLEASURE reading.  Also, and I can't stress this fact enough, not all books on the list are for all kids.  Seriously.  What the committee attempts to do is to find a balance of books--some that will appeal to the lowest 6th grade readers, up to the highest 8th grade readers.  Some for boys, some for girls, some for both.  A variety of genre, too. 

Some teachers and librarians mistakingly have the idea that if its on the list, it is suitable for all readers.  uh-uh.  nope. 

Hopefully, there is at least one book on the list for each of your readers....enjoy!

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