Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Hunt for the Seventh by Christine Morton-Shaw

I love ghost stories.  I love the whole creepy factor, the spine-tingles, the chills. 

The hunt for the seventh is a unique ghost story---not to give too much away, but there is a rather unusual twist. 

After the death of their mother, Jim and Sal have moved to an estate with their father, who has been hired on as the groundskeeper.  The owner of the home, Lord Minerva, is a regular creep-meister.  Seriously cranky and not a man of laughter by any means. 

Although Lord Minerva has forbidden the children from roaming the grounds, Jim finds himself desperatly needing to do so in order to "find the seventh".  Several children (um, guess how many) have died tragically on the property through the years.  Jim goes on a quest aided by Lord Minerva's son to solve the many mysteries surrounding the property and the family who owns it. 

A great spine-tingling story made for rainy nights when the thunderclouds roll in and the lightening dances through the sky.  Read it by candlelight... if you dare!

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