Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I know I'm amongst millions who are anxiously awaiting August 2nd. At that point, the rest of the world will be put on hold and I will do nothing but settle in for a long summer's read, with a glass of sweet iced tea at my side. Ah, life will be beautiful....

Have you planned which midnight release party you'll be attending? If not, check out The Twilight Saga for a party map.

Are you a member of Team Edward or Team Jacob? Me, I'm a Jacob fan. Now, dont' get me wrong....I could really sink my teeth into Edward, too, but there's something about that Jacob...
Anyway, in more Twilight news, the movie trailers are up and running. Click here to see them. I am so excited about this movie--I just really hope it lives up to my expectations.

I had the opportunity to meet Stephenie Meyer (again at my TLA conference) and it was a real fan highlight for me. She is an absolutely lovely individual, plus she commented on my Twilight Teez shirt, so we're basically best friends now. :)

The students at my school have participated in 2 Twilight book discussion groups, with more planned for the coming year. I'll be sure to post pics when the time comes. Until then, we can just all look forward to August 2nd.

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K. Kid said...

Long time, no talk.
I'm a team Edward, sorry there's just something about him that makes me go...crazy.
If you already didn't know, we're moving to Austin and I wanted to get my pages back before I moved.
Now, I can stop by sometime and pick them up if that would work for you.
Just email me and let me know.