Friday, September 18, 2009

Young Samurai: The way of the warrior by Chris Bradford

12 year old Jack Fletcher is sailing with is father and the crew of the Alexandria.  They shipwreck off the coast of "the Japans" and the entire crew is killed by ninja--except for Jack.  He is then taken in and adopted by a powerful local samurai warrior named Masamoto--they are bonded over a common enemy, for Dragon-Eye has killed both Jack's father and Masamoto's eldest son.

Because he is considered less than by just about everyone because he is not Japanese, he must work even harder to prove his worth as a warrior as he is trained to become samurai. 

The author is a martial arts expert--and it shows...this book is at its best when the fighting is on.  Jack has trained hard, but must prove himself over and over again---especially to Masamoto's youngest son. 

I loved the book.  Yes, there are bits here and there that are choppy, but overall the book is a thrilling ride filled with ninja, martial arts, and learning the way of the warrior. Good stuff.

Because I always wanted to be a ninja (don't laugh!)when I was younger (okay, so maybe still today I think the idea of it is cool) I've included a video that I also posted earlier in my blogging days.  Enjoy.  ;)

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