Thursday, September 10, 2009

One book, one school

Our One Book, One School selection is I, Q: Book One: Independence Hall by Roland Smith. 

I am beyond excited as our students are all receiving their books this week---thanks in part to a generous donation from our school PTA organization (you parents ROCK!) and the support of my principal and other administrators.

Our ultra-cool trivia begins Monday and teachers have loads of lessons planned touching a variety of subject areas using this book as a jumping-off point. 

The kids are incredibly excited about it, as well!  And the oh-so-fabulous Roland Smith himself will visit our campus in early October. 

Man, am I psyched.  Did I mention it is on this year's Texas Lone Star list?  Oh, yeah.

If you haven't read the book yet then grab it and buckle your seat belt, is one wild ride.  The first in the new I, Q series includes nods to the dapper 007 James Bond with international spies, magic tricks and sleight-of-hand, terrorists and rock star parents.  I simply cannot wait for the second installment, The White House to come out! 

I'll soon add posts with pics of our various events, but for now let me leave you with these...

Roland Smith's website

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