Monday, September 28, 2009

October beckons...

October is always a huge month for libraries that serve teens because of Teen Read Week, but this year our library is going to be even busier than usual.  Our One Book, One School author is coming to visit us next week (yippee!).  Yes, Roland Smith will be at our school on October 6th.  Then comes Teen Read Week, (which I am furiously planning) and the WrestleMania Reading Challenge kick-off!  After we survive that we have book fair and then the build up to the movie release of New Moon kicks off....yeah, me some Twilight.  ;)

Yep, busy, busy, busy.  But, I wouldn't have it any other way! 

In other random news...I've been reading, reading, reading (have TONS of book reviews to put up) and finally caught the movie version of The City of Ember on HBO.  Loved the book.  So-so on the movie. 
And, the proud momma librarian is happy to say her first grade daughter is an excellent reader and is devouring Horrible Harry and Junie B. Jones books.  Had a high point last week in the library when a group of 6th graders broke out into spontaneous applause as I finished my booktalks.  Yes, these are the things that keep me going. 

Have a wonderful night everyone... and read on, dear friends, read on!

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