Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let them eat cake

How's this for a stack of books???
Looks pretty good to me! I was absolutely amazed when I came across this picture---this looks like a stack of real books to me....and, as you know, I am a trained professional. *teehee*
It made me think, among other things such Marie Antoinette and who made this fabulous cake, about the tantalyzing tastiness of some books.
About how you look at the covers and just can't wait to discover what flavors the cake and fillings are within. About how authors have the incredible potential to fill us with wonderment of words.
It's a powerful thing, that.
The spoken and written word is filled with power and possibility.
I used to really long to be a writer of fabulous novels. I imagined what my life would be like...filled with interesting conversations with other wordsmiths, having people read with excitement thoughts that I had created, working in my jammies if I so chose; crafting absolute magic.
I now realize that I was not put on earth for that purpose--at least, it hasn't manifested itself yet. What I DO have the gift and ability to do is to read the works of others and then spread the word about them....captivate readers with my telling of these fabulous books, stories, and poems. Open the doors so that others may join me in the realm of wonderment and adventure that gifted authors have created.
I sincerely hope this blog will help me in that mission. And who knows? Maybe someone whose door I hold open now, will later realize that they have that gift of enticing readers with yummy morsels of writing. That would be a tasty treat indeed!

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