Thursday, August 7, 2008

with shushing action, no less

I gotta tell you....I just LOVE these Nancy Pearl Librarian action figures--complete with comfy shoes and "shushing action." I love them so much I bought one when they first came out. Oh, the fun times we had. But alas, she got bumped from her perch on the top of my file cabinet (truly a place of honor) by a former student who shall remain nameless. Sadly, she was gravely injured in the accident. Yes, that's librarian action figure can no longer shush. In fact, she no longer has that arm. Oddly enough soon after "falling off" it completely disappeared--the arm, that is!

Now that my nameless student has gone on to the high school perhaps I can safely order a new action figure from the w-a-a-a-a-y cool Archie McPhee company. How can you not love a place that sells both zombie & librarian action figures and a wide range of items from bandages to lunch boxes that look like bacon and other meats?
Yes, thank goodness for the classic silliness of Archie McPhee--keep in mind that I was the only girl I knew who loved the 3 Stooges as a child and had a dad with a weird sense of humor to boot! Now go out and get yourself an action figure (or even the DE-luxe version) today!

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