Monday, August 18, 2008

The Wednesday Wars

Okay, so the cover of this book did NOT make me want to grab it and read it right away. I really really dislike this cover. The good news? The cover is NOT a reflection of the book.

The story takes place in 1967 with the Vietnam War playing out as a backdrop for Holling HoodHood (not a typo!) during his 7th grade year. As the only Presbyterian in his class, he is left each Wednesday with his teacher as the rest of his class either attends Catechism or Hebrew class. At first he is convinced his teacher, Mrs. Baker hates him because of this, and perhaps she does just a bit...but before too long she has him reading Shakespeare, trying to recapture giant rats gone wild, and eating the most scrumptious cream puffs you could ever imagine--the ones that aren't covered in chalk dust. There are many, many subplots to this book--Holling's peace-loving hippie-wanna-be sister and her angst, Mrs. Baker's husband who is fighting in Vietnam, Holling's dad the architect and their relationship shifts, bullies, and first loves. If you enjoy baseball, Shakespeare, or stories about growing up you will love this thoroughly enjoyable book.

Click here to read an interview with Gary Schmidt about this book.

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