Thursday, August 7, 2008

Shark Girl

Shark Girl by Kelly Bingham is an excellent read. 15-year-old Jane Arrowood, a happy & beautiful girl as well as an outstanding artist, is happily hanging out at the beach with her family when disaster suddenly strikes. After surviving a harrowing shark attack (that has been plastered all over the news from a bystander's video) the doctors realize they cannot save her right arm and it is amputated above the elbow.
Her story is told in verse, and the sparse use of words is a powerful juxtaposition against the enormity of the emotions they convey.
As Jane grapples with her own feelings of anger and loss, her frustration at having to relearn how to do even simple things like opening jars--and her pain at losing--for a time, anyway--the activities that once defined her as "artist," "cook," and "normal teen" all make for a heart wrenching and powerful novel.
Those of you who are fans of Sonya Sones will love this novel, too! Warning: this book is obviously not all happiness and light. Be prepared with fresh hankies, a snuggly blanket, and a bit of comfort food--may I suggest warm chocolate chip cookies? Enjoy.

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